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Bullet sun I will giant you


Finally found and listened to this song after sooo many years!

(Source: Spotify)

The Internet according to Smart.


In his blog post on Smart’s Free Internet promo, Ed Zafra made the following observations:


Since I don’t have a Smart prepaid account, I couldn’t test Ed’s observations. So I did the next best thing. I decided to check what representations Smart had made on their promo.

Smart makes no…

Hooray for the new album!

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Photojournalist Attacked While Covering Riots and Looting in Missouri
Gannon Burgett,

Post-Dispatch photojournalist David Carson has covered a number of intense situations, including the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. But it was just this past weekend, in the 21,000-resident town of Ferguson, Missouri that he faced one o…

Today’s listening fare: the new Alex Clare album!

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Something upbeat for Monday! Written by Ghosthouse
Produced by Jimmy Con
Recorded,mixed and mastered by Graeme Williams for Dr.Caw Recording, Northbrook, IL
Artwork by Andrew Jesernig for Robotoaster


Chuck New- Lead vocals
Jimmy Con- Programming/synths
Dylan Hyde Castle- Drums
Tim Yamaya- Guitars
Marc Stranger Najjar- Bass
Katie Ablan- vocals
Ian Miles- Guitar solo

#AmIDoingThisRight #SoMeta (at Seoul Galbi Korean Grill Makati)

Bombay Bicycle Club live on Manila

Hawaii’s spectacular ocean waves – in pictures

Hawaiian photographer Clark Little gets to the heart of the action and shoots ocean waves in Oahu as they roll over him

Weekend readers’ best photographs: Sunbathe
Guardian readers,

From dogs to lizards: your best pictures on this week’s theme, Sunbathe

The next topic is Crush (to appear 2 August). Email a hi-res image (one per entry), plus a sentence or two about what inspired you to take your photo, to…

Hello, blog. How have you been?

Hello, blog. How have you been?

It’s been a year! I only noticed just now.

It has been a tough year, schedule-wise. There was a lot to be done with so little time. And I always tell myself that I should be writing more.

Here’s a quick rundown of the past twelve months in concerts and concert photography:

The Japandroids launched a two-pronged attack in Hard Rock Cafe last 19 August 2013.  (More photos HERE)

Bazooka Rocks II…

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